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Ghost Chain

Cardano has been called many names along the way. One name, in particular, stuck around — Ghost Chain. The name is constantly brought up by competition to imply empty block production and low utility of Cardano Blockchain. But, unfortunately, they didn't look close enough or didn't look at all. Cardano is a long-term project based on years of research, and this is what this artwork symbolises.

In the meantime, Cardano is the only working Proof Of Stake chain with smart contracts on the main net. Some went so far as to say there aren't any NFTs on Cardano. There are. 1.5 million CNFTs and the following artwork is one of them. The biggest CNFT marketplace recently celebrated 100k registered users along with ₳50,000,000 of volume since its inception. New wallet creation is at an all-time high; daily transactions are constantly climbing up, and the volume transacted recently hit a new record.

How is that for the Ghost Chain?

It's not only the protocol that is being attacked and called names. For example, Charles Hoskinson, the Founder and CEO of IOHK, has been named The King of Rats. So here is to the King of Rats and his Ghost Chain!



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