Mcj007 community


This PAGE celebrates us, Cardano Community. We went from a Ghost Chain to an entire city that grows and expands each day. At EPOCH 320, we stand at 3M+ wallets, 3.5M+ tokens issued and 30M+ on-chain transactions. Countless projects are being built and funded via Catalyst and other novel funding ways like ISO.

The following artwork is a snapshot of the current state of Cardano and its community. Many of us delegated $ADA to a Stake Pool. Perhaps you even took part in the conversation about MPO vs SPO or queued in a long line to get $SUNDAE. Every day we trade CNFTs at one of the available marketplaces and are excited about many upcoming projects. Some of us joined Plutus Pioneer to become builders and Smart Contract engineers. Thanks to all of you, we now have a vibrant community paving the way forward.

Twelve months ago, it was just a big construction site.
Today is a city that we built together.


We're sorry, all 25 NFT are sold.