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CBits Collection

Cardano Bits were announced on March 23rd, 2021. There were no marketplaces for CNFTs at that time so everything had to happen via Twitter.., and google docs. The sale of CBits is now a history and wow, it's an interesting one.

4th April - The sale begins. All we got was a google doc with a wallet address. Within just 49 minutes, all CBits had sold out. With ~600 requests/sec, servers of Yoroi wallet crashed.

5th April - People are waiting for the CBits to be sent out. There was just one problem though. The lack of standardised metadata schema led to a decision to burn all already minted CBits. Updated schema was published shortly after.

7th April - All of the original mints were burned and refunds (to everyone that paid too late) were issued. Final minting begins.

10th April - 5 days after the sale the new tweet reads: "Ok, it's happening.". Everyone that was lucky enough to get the payment through, received their CBits.

Cardano Bits were made by a passionate team and even though the road was filled with obstacles, they made it to the finish line. Mistakes were made and fixed paving the way to today's state of Cardano's Native Tokens. CBits are now part of the CNFT history and will forever be one of the most important drops ever to happen on Cardano.


We're sorry, all 25 NFT are sold.